Tom Lyne

I am a sound designer, music producer, and bassist based in Pathhead, Midlothian. I graduated with an MSc in Sound Design from Edinburgh’s Napier University in July 2020.

In 2021 I launched a Sound design project called ‘Surrounded by Midlothian’ with libraries of environmental ambience sounds to download, new music, and videos. These works feature ambisonic and stereo field recordings to help create a more immersive listening experience.

These 4 sound libraries are all available as FREE DOWNLOADS on the Surrounded by Midlothian pages

I am interested in collaborating on new projects so please get in touch to discuss your ideas through my contact page.

Sonables II – New Music released 06/01/2022

Sonables II continues my composition and sound design work featuring field recordings from the ‘Surrounded by Midlothian’ sound libraries together with explorations into electronic atmospheres, orchestrations and improvisations. When composing this music, each field recording contains an inspiration that leads to melody, rhythm, and harmony. From there, the process becomes organic and I try to follow the music where it leads me and listen for what I am being asked to provide with sounds, rhythm, textures, and instrumentation. This is a joyful process.

The complete album is available on my Bandcamp page

Surrounded by Midlothian

Surrounded by Midlothian is an exciting new sound design collection that includes recordings, music and videos. This work is built around ambisonic field recordings and experimental recording techniques made in the countryside of Midlothian, Scotland. The Winter collection is now available with 4 volumes of field recordings to listen to and download for free. There are also videos from each volume to show how and where the recordings were made. The Surrounded by Midlothian page is here. There will be music released in September 2021 that will accompany the winter collection. Also, the spring collection is currently in production.


The sound libraries from Surrounded by Midlothian will be edited and adapted to be re-used as instruments and textures for orchestrations, inspiring a series of new compositions. You can check out this approach to composition in the videos below from my recent Sonables collection (below). There is more about the music here.

Sonables II – The Videos