Surrounded by Midlothian

Surrounded by Midlothian

Surrounded by Midlothian is a collection of ambience sound effect libraries that are available as FREE DOWNLOADS to use in your own creative projects. Visit each volume to select the download format you require and find more detailed information about the library contents and how it was put together. These volumes all feature original ambisonic recordings from the Midlothian region in Scotland and are presented in various file formats to suit different production requirements.

Vol 1 – The Loch

Recorded during the winter of 2021, Winter Vol 1 – The Loch features ambience from the side of a loch (lake) on a cold day. it features a light wind and waves lapping on the shore, gentle tree rustling and the occasional call of geese and other wild birds. There is also a hydrophone recording of the waves and a 3 string aeolian harp gently humming in the wind.

Vol 2 – The Moor

Recorded during the winter of 2021, Winter Vol 2 – The Moor features ambience from a moor on the southern edge of Midlothian. It was a cold day with occasional gentle wind and most of the recording took place at the edge of a pine forest. A second location was chosen next to a high tension power tower where the electronic interference provided some unusual and interesting sounds. These sounds were captured by microphone and with the Soma Ether.

Vol 3 – The Burn

Recorded during the winter of 2021, Winter Vol 3 – The Burn features a medium size burn (stream) flowing through a wooded valley. There was snow and ice on the ground and there was occasional gentle wind. Bird traffic was minimal and a small airplane flew by. There are elements recorded with the Hydrophone, a parabolic mic, and a creative edit from the Soma Ether.

Vol 4 – The Forest

Recorded during the winter of 2021, Winter Vol 4 – The Forest features a small but very old stand of trees on an exposed hilltop where the views go for miles. Strong wind is a feature and to take full advantage of that effect, I constructed a giant Aeolian harp between trees and captured those sounds with a humbucker pickup. A second 5 string aeolian harp was leaning against a tree to provide a contrasting interprestation of the wind.