Sound Design

Sound Design

My work as a sound designer, composer, and musician has allowed me to explore my favourite subject – SOUND. In this section are links and videos to recent projects and films that illustrate the range and variety of work I do as a sound designer, sound editor, recordist, mixer and producer. This journey into film and video has also allowed me to experiment creating sonic environments and immersing myself in large and complex projects.


In January 2020 I completed work on a feature length documentary film ‘In The Light’, a film by Susan Kemp, as the supervising sound editor. I produced all aspects of the sound design, dialogue, composition, and music production. There is a dedicated website for this film where you can watch the full film

Trailer for In The Light 2020

Sound Design

This collection of videos introduce some of the aspects of sound I work with including: Recording, Field Work, Dialogue Editing, Audio Restoration, Composition, Music Production, and Sound Effects.


This showreel highlights previous sound design work

  • Dialogue
  • Sound Effects
  • Backgrounds
  • Audio Restoration
  • Denoising
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Music production
  • Composition
  • Video Editing