My work as a composer and music producer includes live performances, arrangements and orchestrations, as well as an extensive portfolio of self produced music used in film and media. I am experienced writing for a range of ensembles, voices, and instrumentation spanning classical to pop, jazz, electronic and experimental. I love to collaborate and have worked with many other artists as a producer/engineer, directing, performing, and co-writing. My work as a professional double and electric bassist has enabled me to work throughout the UK jazz, experimental and folk music scenes. I have a BMus in Jazz performance from McGill University, Montreal and an MSc in Sound Design from Napier University. More info about my performance work is over on my music website

We All Need A Farmer

Released on August 16th, 2021, “We all need a farmer”, is the work of award-winning Director, Jason Connery, and narrated by renowned Scottish actor Ian Pirie with words by Scott Brown and Ross (Monty) Montague, May 2021 . The short film features a series of striking images of farming and the Scottish countryside donated by a plethora of talented photographers and the musical score was composed by Tom Lyne.

Scott Brown, a Midlothian farmer and Animal Health Advisor with Dumfries based Murray Farmcare instigated the short film with the aim of boosting morale and mental well-being in the agricultural community.

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Ideas & Experiments

Exploration is the heart of my craft and artistry as a sound designer, composer, and bassist. Discovering texture, orchestrating the unusual and finding form and harmony that leads to new works. Here are a few videos looking at different approaches to those ideas.