The Survey

Hi. I am working on some new music and I would like to ask for your help developing some descriptive terminology.

I recently won a Creative Scotland grant that is a large sound design and composition project. This was partly based on new film and media music I have been writing that uses my sound design recordings to structure, inspire and be part of this new music.

Taking part

Please take a moment to check out some of the selections dipping in and out as you like. There is no need to listen to it all, I am looking for impressions and reactions. The tracks are below or you can click through to the soundcloud playlist here (

Listen however you like but you will have a more immersive experience if you listen with your eyes closed, get comfortable, and minimise the distractions. When you’ve heard enough, there are a few short questions over at the survey. (

If you have more questions or would like to discuss, please reach out to me and we can chat further.

This survey will help shape Surrounded By Midlothian as it gets produced during 2021. There will be regular updates through my facebook music page ( and here on the website ( You can also sign up to my newsletter to recieve updates about the project along with more detail and special downloads.